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USGS Type A Crane with 3 Wheel Truck

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68.00 LBS

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The Type A crane is a collapsible crane intended for measuring discharge or sediment sampling from bridges. It attaches to either the Type A three-wheel truck or the Type A four-wheel truck. The crane is made from structural aluminum and stainless steel material. The crane includes a reel mount drilled to accommodate the A-55, B-56 and E-53 sounding reels. It is easily put up and folded down into an easily carried size with no nuts and bolts to put in or remove. The USGS 12-volt electrical power drive unit attaches to this crane with no adaptation necessary. Approximate weight of the crane is 45 pounds (20kg).

The Type A three-wheel truck, when attached to a Type A crane, is a popular bridge measuring outfit which is used for weights up to 100 pounds (46 kg). The Type A three-wheel truck consists of a two wheel base assembly, a third (roadside) wheel, and all necessary chassis components. The two-wheel subassembly can be removed with two 3/8 inch (1.0 cm) wing nuts to compactly store the collapsible crane. 

This unit is easier to set up, operates in a narrower space, and is more maneuverable than the four-wheel truck, also available for the Type A crane. When in use, the crane is tipped up and stands on the two inside wheels while the crane rests on the bridge railing so the boom is extended 3 feet (1 m) out over the river. It is, however, less stable with heavier weights, and the boom on the crane does not extend as far as it does on the four- wheel truck. The approximate weight of the truck is 25 pounds (11 kg).

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