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Hydrological Equipment

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USGS Style A Staff Gage

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3.00 LBS

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The Porcelain coated steel staff gage is used for a quick visual indication of the surface level in reservoirs, rivers, streams, irrigation channels, weirs and flumes, and wherever accuracy and readability are important. These environmentally rugged steel gauges are finished with a special porcelain enamel to insure easy reading and resist rust or discoloration.  They virtually never need replacement under normal conditions.  Each gauge is accurately graduated and has grommeted holes for easy fastening to walls, piers and other structures.

Fiberglass Staff Gages are easy to read at long distances, these stream gauges allow you to instantly determine water levels. The stream gauges are constructed of rugged fiberglass that will not rot, rust, or corrode. A non-glare coating offers additional protection. Stream gauges measure 1/8” thick and 4” wide. Numbers are 1-1/4” high. Feature 1/4” diameter pre-drilled holes for mounting. Graduated in feet, 10ths, and 100ths.

Staff Gage number plates come in 2 materials, white porcelain enamel and Fiberglass.  The white porcelain enameled plates are have black figures on a 2" x 3" and 4" x 6". Fiberglass number plates measure 2-1/4” x 4” overall. Printed numbers measure 1-7/8” x 3”.

Using a combination of these figures and Style E or Style M gages, any elevation may be represented.

Style A is the standard USGS gage and is 4 inches wide, marked at every foot, tenth, and 0.02 foot with total elevations, and is available in 3 1/3 foot sections for numbering 0 to 99.92 feet.