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Hydrological Equipment

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USGS Pygmy Current Meter Wading Rod Outfits

Item No.:
11.00 LBS

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The Pygmy Rod Outfit is used for wading measurements in shallow streams, irrigation ditches, canals, water supply conduits, and sewers where depth of water or velocity is too low to obtain accurate measurements by the large meter. The Pygmy meter is two-fifths as large as the Type AA and does not have a tailfin and is only used with a wading rod.

Outfit Includes:

  • Pygmy or Pygmy Magnetic Head Current Meter with meter case, rating table instrument oil, screwdriver, and cleaning cloth
  • Spare Parts: Extra pivot with lock nut, hanger screw, tailpiece screw, insulation bushing
  • Top Setting Wading Rod: 4 ft. or 1.2m with vernier handle and single plug connector.
  • Choice of Counter:  Headphones, AquaCalcPro Plus, AquaCalc 5000, or AquaCMD.

Options Include:

  • 103-043 Pygmy Meter w/ 4ft Rod & Headphones
  • 103-044 PMH Meter w/ 4ft Rod & AquaCalc Pro
  • 103-045 PMH Meter w/ 4ft Rod & AquaCalc 5000
  • 103-046 PMH Meter w/ 4ft Rod & AquaCMD 
  • 103-048 Pygmy Meter w/ 1.2m Rod & Headphones
  • 103-049 PMH Meter w/ 1.2m Rod & AquaCalc Pro
  • 103-050 PMH Meter w/ 1.2m Rod & AquaCalc 5000
  • 103-051 PMH Meter w/ 1.2m Rod & AquaCMD