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Hydrological Equipment

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USGS E-53 Sounding Reel, English

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95.00 LBS

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The E-53, 104-030, Sounding Reel is used to position stream gaging and sample collection equipment. It is equipped for power operation and is used with up to 300 pound (136 kg) weights and samplers. The reel has an effective drum circumference of 2 feet (61 cm) and has 165 feet (50.3 m) of 0.125 inch (0.32 cm) cable or 200 feet (61 m) of 0.10 inch (0.254 cm) cable. It is equipped with a USGS-type computing depth indicator. It comes with a friction brake which is controlled by a permanently attached crank on the right side of the reel, which is located on the end of the jack shaft next to the double "V" drive pulley.

A hand crank which can be fitted to the pulley end of the jack shaft is supplied for emergency use. Additionally, the reel comes with 0.125-inch (0.32 cm) cable and a steel trunk, and is supplied with a Type B connector. See the Technical Data section for more information on sounding reel selection.

Power Drive Unit

The USGS Power Drive Unit has a 12 VDC electric motor equipped with dual V-belt pulleys for use with E-53 reels for power drive. The DC motor is a heavy-duty, high-inertia starting motor. Also included is a trigger switch, a trunk, two V-belts, connecting battery cables, and a mounting bracket for cranes. The unit is designed for mounting on a Type A or Type E bridge crane on the vertical angles beneath the reel mounting plate. Also, it is designed to be mounted on the boat boom. Standard USGS cable cars must be modified to attach the power drive unit. Cable car modification kit details can be found with the cable cars. A heavy-duty 12-volt battery can normally be used from a vehicle, but one can be supplied if necessary. The power unit provides power for lifting the weight assembly only. Lowering the device is accomplished by gravity.


  • 104-030 E-53 Reel, English Units, 165 Ft
  • 104-031 E-53 Reel, Metric Units, 50.3m
  • 104-040 Power Drive Unit
  • 104-060 E-53 Extended Length Reel, 250ft.