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Universal Current Meter w/ Type A Propeller

Item No.:
8.00 LBS

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The Model 6500 Universal Current Meter is a world recognized designed instrument commonly known as the Ott-type current meter. This current meter is suspended in the water using a cable with sounding weight or wading rod and will accurately measure streamflow velocities from 0.1 to 33 feet per second (0.03 to 10 meters per second) with multiple propellers. The Model 6500 Current Meter consists of a streamlined body which houses the sensing mechanism, a sealed Hall Effect sensor, and the horizontal axis propeller shaft which has a permanent magnet mounted such that each rotation of the shaft produces a pulse from the sensor. The pulses are conducted through a lead to the surface where they are counted by a Current Meter Counter. The velocity of the stream is proportional to the rotations of the propeller. Each Model 6500 is provided with a calibration certificate and rating table. (Bargo and Barel)

The Model 6500 design offers:

  • Stainless steel construction to resist corrosion and damage 
  • Sealed Hall Effect Sensor secured firmly in the body to prevent damage from dropping 
  • Optional Configurations: three options are available for locating the 6500 in waterways ranging from low to very high flow rates 
  • A.B.S. and molded foam carry case


Multiple Propeller Type Specifications: 

Type Size Max Velocity m/s Start Velocity Range
A 100mm x 0.125m 5.0 0.025 ± 45°
1 125mm x 0.25m 10.0 0.025 ± 5°
2 125mm x 0.50m 10.0 0.040 ± 5°
4 80mm x 0.125m 4.0 0.040 ± 5°