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Hydrological Equipment

Travellerway Winches

Double Drum Gaging Winch - Model 4765, Model 4770 and Model 4780 

The Double Drum Gaging Winches have been designed for use with the USGS Type AA or Universal Current Meters, Columbus or Ground Feeler Weights. These winches and travellerways provide a reliable means of measuring discharge in streams up to 800 feet (250 m) wide. The travellerways can also be used for Bedload and Suspended Sediment Sampling to collect materials which are not accessible otherwise. The double drum winch makes traversing the meter package a simple operation and easy for the hydrographer since the sounding weight forces are cancelled out. The Double Drum winches can be supplied with a complete travellerways kit consisting of support posts, main cable, traversing cable, deadman and rigging screws for a turn key installation.

The Winches and Travellerways have been designed with the following features:

  • Light construction - Cast Aluminum Frames and Drums for easier transport and handling
  • Automatic Weston Brake - safety brakes which lock the winch if the handle is released 
  • Free Fall Drag Brake - saves winding heavy weights down to the water surface 
  • Counters housed within the frame - protected from mechanical damage 
  • Silver Plated Sliprings - conducts signal from the sounding drum to the current meter counter 
  • Single Layer of Signal Cable on Drum - prevents damage of internal conductor and premature replacement
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