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Sub Surface Grab Sampler III, 6ft

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8.00 LBS

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Grab Sampler III

This unit works on the same principle as the Grab Sampler II. The Grab Sampler III fits wide-mouth bottles with a 70-400 screw thread finish. A displacement plunger allows the collection of samples in a 1000 mL bottle with approximately 1 inch of head space between the sample and the underside of the bottle closure. The Grab Sampler III includes a safety-coated 1000 mL bottle and a green urea cap with a PTFE liner. An extension kit (sold separately) includes a 6 feet stainless steel extension shaft, coupling and connecting cable. To use it, you pull a cable that lifts a spring-loaded plunger, allowing liquid to enter through four 5/8" x 1-1/2" slots. Release the cable when the bottle is full to reset the plunger.

Use when sampling hazardous and corrosive materials, as well as wastewater
Chemically resistant stainless steel and polypropylene construction
Wide mouth accepts light sludges and slurries.
Bottles include Black Phenolic Poly-Vinyl Lined Cap.

601-022 Grab Sampler III 8 lbs.