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Hydrological Equipment

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Pressure / Vacuum Soil Water Sampler

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2.00 LBS

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Monitor the Vadose Zone with Pressure/Vacuum Soil Water Sampler

The Pressure/Vacuum Soil Water Sampler is an effective and reliable tool for monitoring the vadose zone, an area of unsaturated soil above the groundwater table. By monitoring the vadose zone, potential hazards from leaking landfills, underground storage tanks, pesticide applications and various environmental hazards can be identified before reaching groundwater. Sampler consists of a PVC body with a porous ceramic cup bonded to one end and two access tubes. To collect the sample, a pressure/vacuum pump is used to create a vacuum in the sampler. After the soil water is collected, the Hand Pump (No. 76681), sold separately, is then used to pressurize the sampler using one access tube, forcing the sample out of the second access tube. Nylon compression fittings are threaded into the top cap and are used to attach lengths of Polyethylene Tubing (Nos. 220685 and 220686), sold separately, for surface access. 
Installation requires a bore hole diameter of 3 to 6", hand pump, sold separately, to seal access tubes. Silica flour may be used to surround the ceramic cup, providing good hydraulic contact with the soil (recommended usage is approximately 10.0 lb. per bore hole). A stainless steel coupling is also offered to connect PVC casing to the sampler when PVC casing is used to route the access tubes and protect them from shifts in the formation. Pressure/Vacuum Soil Water Sampler measures 1.9" dia. x 24"L.