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Petite Ponar Grab, 6x6, SST Scoops with added weight

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23.00 LBS

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The Ponar Type Grab sampler is a commonly used sampler that is very versatile for all types of hard bottoms such as sand, gravel and clay. It can be used in streams, lakes reservoirs and the ocean. This modified Van Veen type self-tripping sampler features center hinged jaws and a spring loaded pin that releases when the sampler makes impact with the bottom. It also includes an underlip attachment that cleans gravel from the jaws that would normally prevent lateral loss of sample. The top is covered with a stainless steel screen with neoprene rubber flaps which allows water to flow through for a controlled descent and less interference with the sample. It is constructed of stainless steel with zinc plated steel arms and weights. A simple pin prevents premature closing.

Choose this option for freshwater applications ONLY. Scoops are constructed of 316 stainless steel and lever arms are zinc plated. This sampler will rust if used in salt or brackish waters.

  • Lighter by half than standard Ponar® Grab 
  • Designed for hand line operation 
  • Removable top screens 
  • Self-releasing pinch-pin™, heavy duty hinges  
  • Center pivot for low bottom disturbance

This scaled-down sampler gives a whole new meaning to the word “petite.” We mean it can be easily carried by one person in one hand. You may still need good muscle mass, but since it weighs under 25 pounds, you can use it on a line without the winch and crane recommended for the larger version. This dredge shares the same basic design as our standard Ponar® sampler with stainless-steel construction and cast scoops. Uses 3/16”+ line or 61-B14 cable, sold separately. 

The Ponar style sampler comes in several sizes with the lightweight model (1/8" stainless plate) easily used from a small boat with nylon cable. The heavyweight models (1/4" stainless plate) should be used with a sounding reel.