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Hydrological Equipment

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Hydrologger Float Type Water Level Recorder, 8ft

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11.00 LBS

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This is the best low cost float type water level recorder for stream, river or lakes or any water body where USGS primary record accuracy is not required. The hydrologger can be mounted on a bridge pier, post or other structure and has been particularly popular in irrigation districts and stormwater detention pond monitoring and measuring canal flow, deliveries, seepage losses and return flows. The hydrologger comes in a 4 foot range and 8 foot range and has a standard data logger capable of 7943 readings or an optional four channel logger with up to 32,520 readings.

Other features include a data shuttle to eliminate the need to take your laptop to the field but to download from the datalogger to the shuttle and then take the shuttle to your office PC. Another option simultaneously measures temperature and water level. The operating features include a 1.5" diameter float inside a 3" PVC pipe stilling well actuating a 10 turn potentiometer and water level recorded with a datalogger. One advantage over submersible transducers is that the expensive components are out of the water and don't require periodic calibration. The data logger compartment is waterproof. Accurate measurement range is ±.01 ft. and temperature range is -4° F to 158° F.