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Hydrological Equipment

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USGS Type E Heavy Duty Crane with 4 Wheel truck

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210.00 LBS

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The Type E crane is used with the Type E truck when making discharge measurements of large rivers where heavy weights or sediment samplers are required. The Type E crane is collapsible for compact storage, and is made from aluminum stock with stainless steel bolts and stainless steel shafts. The reel mount is drilled to install a Type A-55, B-56 or E-53 sounding reel. The power drive unit for the sounding reel clamps to the crane assembly. This crane may be used for any of the sounding weights or samplers, but it is usually used for those from 100 pounds (45 kg) and up.

The crane is sold complete with a colored anti-freeze protractor to measure the vertical angle of the sounding line. The protractor measures angles from -25 to +90 degrees. A USGS stream velocity correction chart based on the measured angle is included with the protractor. The approximate weight of the crane is 60 pounds (27 kg.)

The Type E truck is intended to be used with the Type E crane. It does not have adjustable curbside wheels as the Type A crane does. The truck has a handle, which folds underneath the crane for storage and holds up to five pound (27 kg) counterweights (ordered separately).

The truck is made from aluminum stock, and has a width of 34 inches (86 cm) and a length of 42 inches (106 cm). The approximate weight of the truck is 100 pounds (45 kg.).

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