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Hydrological Equipment

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USGS Stand-Up Cable Car

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155.00 LBS

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The USGS has designed two different style cable cars for stream gaging and water sampling for sediment or chemical quality. A cableway stretched across a river provides a convenient way for making discharge measurements or sampling. The cable car is a very economical solution for obtaining measurements at a specific river location and in remote locations. Because the same sounding reels used for bridge or boat measurements are used, this eliminates the need for double drum reels and allows the hydrographer more control of the discharge measurement than operating remotely from the river bank. The stand-up cable car allows a person to stand up while taking discharge measurements or water samples. It is especially desirable when obtaining water quality samples as it allows the field man more mobility. It is made from aluminum stock and has a solid aluminum plate diamond-tread floor. The sheaves are a bronze alloy and are designed to fit on cable up to 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) in diameter. The car is pulled along the cable by a handheld puller, and we recommend using a USGS Sand Point Cable Car Brake to position the car anywhere along the cableway. A rack for sediment or water quality sampling bottles is attached to the side of the car. A protractor is attached to measure the sounding line angle. The reel mount is drilled to fit the A-Pack, A-55, B-56 and E-53 reels. The cable car width is 27 inches (68 cm), the length is 52 inches (132 cm), and the distance from the cable to the floor is 73 inches (185 cm).