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SS-59A Single-Stage Sampler, Verticle Intake

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6.00 LBS

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The US SS-59 is used to collect automatic samples from flashy, intermittent streams at remote or not easily accessible sites, which are visited by personnel at infrequent intervals. Multiple samplers can be set at predetermined stages of the stream to take samples.

The sampler consists of a pint bottle, a 4.76 mm inside-diameter SST tube air exhaust, and a 4.76 mm or 6.35 mm inside-diameter SST tube intake. Each tube is bent to an appropriate shape and inserted through a stopper which fits tightly into the top of the bottle. There are two general types of this sampler, one with a vertical intake and the other with a horizontal intake. Under some conditions either type could be used but the two are not always interchangeable. The vertical-intake (type A) sampler should be used only to sample suspended sediments finer than 62 microns. It is less subject to collection of debris and deposits of sediment in the intake nozzle than the horizontal type of intake.

The horizontal-intake (type B) sampler is used for sampling suspended sediments coarser than 62 microns. The intake is only approximately horizontal - generally it is inclined slightly downward to prevent the accumulation of sediment in the outer end of the intake.