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AquaFlowDAR 3000 Surface Flow Velocity Meter

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6.00 LBS

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The AQ-3000 Flow radar sensor provides continuous river surface velocity measurement with no contact with the water. This real-time stream flow measurement provides an accurate velocity that is used with Manning surface roughness coefficient and wind velocity correction algorithms to provide an extremly reliable and repeatable total Q, discharge measurement for the section of river, stream or canal where the AQ-3000 Flow Radar is being used, it can be fixed mounted on a bridge over the river or along the side of the bank because the sensor system operates at a 50 deg. Projected angle that can face downstream (if bridge mounted) or sideways to flow if mounted on the stream bank.

The AQ-3000 includes an integral datalogger that can optinally have GSM/GPRS cellular communication, satelite communication or local data retrieval and programming. An LCD monitor display is also an option for on sight velocity reading. The unit comes with multiple options and configurations allowing integral radar level measurement, mobile mounting for use on a bridge or cableway so velocity measurements can be taken across the complete river cross section.

The integral Datalogger allows for site specific programming inputs such as automatic temperature, tilt angle compensation, and wind velocity and direction compensation as well as user selectable manning suface roughness coefficencies which include flood plain area coeffeicent adjustments when flood conditions spill over normal bank width and include over bankfull conditions. The internal dataogger also uses the measured K-Factor or K coefficent for the specific site and even corrects the K factor for various site stage (level) river surface levels. The K factor is a dimensionless coefficient that correlates the surface velocity (V1) to mean velocity (VM) across the full cross section.

Complete graphical reporting is a standard feature for discharge measurements with river cross sections at given stage/level heights for application of specific K-Factors and coefficient. The discharge Q is computed with the exclusive Rickly H2O-IQ discharge measurement software.